Here are some tips on how to take care your handmade jewelry:

  • Jewelry should be the last thing you on and the first to take off
  • Avoid wearing your jewel in the gym, during shower or sleeping as the moisture from lotions, perfumes sweat, etc. can cause sterling silver, gold plated, and gold filled to dull and tarnish quicker.
  • You may wash your jewelry with warm hot water, hand soap and a bit of baking soda and they will be nice and shiny again!
  • Store them separately.


  • When you wear your silver jewelry every day they will never tarnish instead it will develop a beautiful patina that will be unique to you.


 Jewelry can be re-polished, re-plated, replace cords etc. so they can last forever!

You may contacts at if you have questions or need maintenance on your jewel!

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