Please find below a table of materials that we are using to make our jewelry:

Material What you need to know
Sterling Silver


925 pure silver, 7.5% copper or brass A metal that is strong and versatile. If treated correct it will not tarnish quickly. It can be re-polished. Hypoallergic
Argentium 935 or up to 960 and the rest is copper and germanium A special alloy that resists tarnishing. It is more expensive than regular sterling silver Hypoallergic
Pure Silver 999 pure Silver, 1% copper or brass Pure silver can be very soft thus it is not suitable for all the designs. It remains beautiful and shiny. Hypoallergic
Gold Filled 14K Thick Layer of alloyed gold over a base It maintains its shine and for a long time. Hypoallergic
Gold Plated 24K Brass Thin layer of gold plated 24K over a brass base It gives a nice shining look. It costs less the Gold filled and need special care to tarnish quickly.

It can be re-plated

Hypoallergic if is not tarnished
Black Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Thin layer of Black Rhodium over sterling silver. Rhodium belongs to the platinum family Enhances the scratch resistance of the surface while giving it a brilliant black color Hypoallergic
Brass Alloy of copper and zinc It has nice deep yellow color. It can tarnish quicker.

It can be re-polished or re-plated

Gold Foil 24K A very thin layer of Gold. It is used only for decorative purpose in some of our jewelry  –
Stainless Steel Stainless Steel – High Quality Nylon coated over Stainless Steel

Colored Stainless Steel – High Quality Colored Nylon over Stainless Steel

Gold Stainless Steel -High quality Nylon coated over a gold plated 24K Stainless Steel

A beautiful wire that completes necklaces. It needs to be stored separately because it can crease.

If creased it can be replaced.

Chains The chains we use vary according to the design:

-Sterling Silver


– Black Rhodium Plated

-Gold Filled 14K

Care is needed according to the material.

If a chain breaks it can be replaced

Cords Depending on the design we use:




Clasps All our clasps are either Stainless Steel or Sterling Silver Hypoallergic
Enamels Special color for metal used only to enhance a design Usually applied in textured surfaces. It can last forever and can re-applied if needed
Resin It is a composite blend, which is rotationally molded into strong and pliable material that can mimic the look of glass. Usually applied in small surfaces, it is very strong, and no special care is needed.

All our jewelry is polished with micro crystalline wax (used by museums on for protection) to protect surfaces exposed to the different weather conditions and slow the tarnish process.

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