So what’s up?

Looking forward to an exciting fall! We are planning several events and jewelry workshops/experiences.

Have a look at our schedule and catch us in one of the following events or send us an email if you need more info or want to join one of our workshops:



Jewelry Making Workshops/Experiences

Also if you are looking to creative activities join one of my workshops/experiences on jewelry making. For each day there is a morning session from 10am-2pm and evening session from 4.30-8.30pm.

  • Sept 13 & 27
  • Oct 11 & 25
  • Nov 8 & 22
  • Dec 6

All the workshops/experiences take place at my home studio in Sammiamish.

The groups are small only 5 spots per workshop.

Send me an email for more info:

Hope to see you and meet you!