Jewelry can be re-polished, re-plated, replace cords etc. so they can last forever!

Q: Can you offer a ring in my size?

Yes, we love to! Please contact for more information

Q: I need to resize my ring, can you help ?

Yes, we can!  Just send us an email

Q: I broke my favorite jewel, can you repair it ?

Yes, of course! As long as it is one of our designs. All the repairs are free of charge, you will only need to pay shipping fees (6$-8$ at most)

Q: I lost one of my favorite earrings, can you  replace it  ?

Yes, of course we can! The price will be 50% off the Retail Price.

Q: My beautiful black patina started wearing off  can you redo it?

Yes! Please send us an email at We will redo it for free. You will be charged for the shipping expenses (6$ – 8$ at most), if you leave in the following areas of WA state:  Sammamish, Redmond, Bellevue & Issaquah we could also pick up your jewelry so there will be no shipping expenses.

Q: Can you re-plate my favorite Porpe’s jewel ?

With time it is possible for the plating to eventually lessen with repeated exposure to the skin’s natural oils, and we do offer replating services.  We charge a fee of $14 + tax & shipping per each ring or small pair of studs, and $16 + tax & shipping for necklaces and larger earrings.

Just send us an email:

Q: You are offering a pendant but I would like it with a different length chain, is that possible ? Will there be an extra charge ?

Yes! Offering a different chain length is something that we do! If the differentiation of the length from the one offered originally is up to 3 inches more, it will be done at NO extra charge. For more than 3 inches there will be a very minimum charge. Just let us know,

Q: I would like one of Porpe’s design in Gold 14K, can you do it ?

Yes, we love gold! Just send us an email at and let us know which design you like!

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