From Design …to Art you can wear

In Porpe Artifacts,  a small business based in Sammamish, Washington, we design and make unique jewelry and artifacts for women and men who want to be unconventional, artistic, and passionate in an elegant way.

Would you like artifacts to jewel yourself and look beautiful everyday? Would you like pieces that make you feel special when you wear them – objects that reflect your original personality and your view of life? This is exactly our passion, to design and make for you elegant artifacts, like sculptures, of distinctive beauty, a kind of charm or symbol that will help you connect to your inner positive self, and tackle your every day with a smile! Our jewelry is made to be worn, loved and be part of your daily life and your special moments.

In Porpe Artifacts we strongly believe that every piece of jewel is more than an accessory, it is something personal and has a story that is as unique as the person who wears it. Each jewel should be a lasting investment and, why not, pass it to the next generation, too. 

We are creative restless minds when it comes to design, use of materials and combination of styles.

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Our Jewelry
Each piece is designed, hand crafted and hand finished by us. All of our jewelry are made from Sterling Silver, Gold Plated Brass 24K or Gold Filled 14K.

We use metal made in the USA, recycled metal whenever possible and try to source everything in a conscientious way. We recycle all of our metal scraps – we are now preparing a small collection from scrap metal, and do our best to ensure our studio and production is safe and environmentally friendly.

We try to support other small businesses and that is why we source our supplies locally as much as we can.


Meet the people behind Porpe Artifacts…

We are a small team of people with diverse backgrounds. The love for expressing ourselves in unique ways, creating and learning is very important for us. We hope through our jewelry and our artifacts you will appreciate the beauty of nature, you will like our stories and you will unique when you wearing our jewelry.

We believe that women should pursue what they really love and in whatever phase in their lives they are,  they should always take care of themselves.  Our mantra is “Jewel Yourself” every day, read more here.


Meet Vicky Zomenou – Founder of Porpe Artifacts

19512318_639027749641871_1067657842_nVicky is the founder Porpe Artifacts.  She learnt metalsmith techniques and art jewelry in Athens, Greece for the past 10 years. She also took free hand painting lessons for 4 years. Expressing through art for Vicky was an escape from her corporate job in the banking sector. Vicky originally studied computer science and technology innovation management. After 25 years in the corporate world she decided to pursue what she loved most: art jewelry.  She grew up in Greece, lived in England, and now in Seattle.

“Everything starts from an image or an idea and then a dialogue begins, between the mind, the heart, the hands, the tools, the material, and the techniques. When the creative process is initiated slowing down and observing at each stage is critical. Usually, I combine different materials: brass, silver and gold with wood, cords, threads, silk, enamels, semiprecious stones, colors, and different metalsmith techniques.”

When she doesn’t seat on her bench designing or making jewels she is having fun with her beautiful family or hikes around the beautiful area of Sammamish & Issaquah. She really loves books on self improvement, meditation, art therapy, NIA dancing anything that lights the way to a better self!


 Meet Mina Katsouli, Vicky’s best friend and associate.

19244290_639027752975204_750224743_nMina and Vicky met during art jewelry classes so the love for art brought them together.  Mina is working as a graphic designer but she always had a love for art jewelry design-making and photography. She comes from a family of traditional metalsmith makers but tradition wasn’t enough to persuade her to follow the same path. It took her some years before she decided to do that.

For more than 12 years,  she was working and running her  own graphic design business while she was taking  art jewelry classes.

In Mina’s words: “I challenge myself in creating different versions of the same theme. When I  design I don’t prefer the perfect, flawless presentation of the object but the imperfection and the freedom of form.  I combine different materials: silver, gold, brass, silk, enamels, stones, wood, leather, cotton…”


Meet the rest of the team – The women next door

Our models are three beautiful ladies and good friends. They pursue their careers, they take care of their families, they study….! And in between all of their activities they will find time to shoot photos of our collections…