is the Ancient Greek word for a buckle, and it means to unite two pieces together. It has a long history through the centuries. In Ancient Greece and in Ancient Rome it was an important jewel of women’s and men’s clothing, as it was used to hold cloth together. Alongside the practical and decorative function “porpe” was also a sign of wealth, social status, and family situation of the people who wore them. Different designs of this kind of jewel have been found in Asia, Africa, and Europe.  In the west, belt buckles are sort of a cowboy’s resume, name tag, and family history all put together  into a piece of silver plated metal. It is usually a trophy to be worn with pride, and to show others their accomplishments.

The word Artifact

comes from the Latin phrase “arte factum” which means something made or given shape by a man with skill, such as a tool, or a work of art. For us, the word “Artifact” reflects our design and making processes. During our creative process we may combine elements from different metalsmith techniques, but there are two ingredients that constantly remain the same: the freedom of the mind and hands and the exploration of materials.