Jewelry Making class

I always had a love for art and I was always jealous of the people who could do it. When I was 30 years old I decided to enroll on an evening painting class as I was working in the corporate world.  That was almost 17 years ago, and since then I haven’t stopped.

Introducing yourself to a new skill can help you increase your comfort zone limits and open the doors to creativity that you never knew you had. Jewelry more specifically offers a lot of opportunities during the design and making process to help you do that.

The material

When you are first introduced to the material you need to learn its limits, and you can only do that by the “hands-on” approach. Hands on means doing mistakes and continue until you have the result you want.


The Use

The material is there so you need to think  what this jewelry will be used for: is it gonna be a pair of earrings, a ring, a necklace, a bracelet or maybe a pin? Each of the uses imposes new restrictions in your design.


The Design

The material is there, you know what you want your jewel to be used for, so you need to think about the design. Is it gonna be geometric, minimal, or maybe a theme inspired by nature? This is totally up to you because the design is an expression of your own experiences and images, you have in your mind.

By combining  the material, use, and design, there will be a few challenges on the way that you need to overcome in order to materialize what you have in mind. I know that when you read it, it looks complicating but the mind finds beautiful ways to work on all of these things and as you learn and train yourself on your skill, gradually you will push your comfort limits and you will be more creative!


If you want to learn more on how to design a jewelry by making 3D wax models, find our classes here:

  • Arteast Gallery – click here
  • Airbnb experiences – click here

If you would like a different day  or time, or if you want a private group lesson, please contact us with your request:

Pictures from the classes and jewelry designed by students who took the class.

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Materials Guide & Tips

A lot of our customers have been asking about the materials that we are using, how they can make it last longer.

In Porpe Artifacts we use metal made in the USA, recycled metal whenever possible and try to source everything in a conscientious way. We recycle all our metal scraps – we are now preparing a small collection from scrap metal. We try to support other small businesses and that is why we source our supplies locally as much as we can. Our casting and plating is done by experienced business based in the US.

If you want to know more on our materials, caring instructions and allergic factors, click here ….

Find more Tips on how to take care of your jewelry, click here …

If you have questions or need maintenance on your jewel, you can always email us on


All you need is love….

Even though we believe that love should be celebrated every day, we also believe that Valentine’s day is a great opportunity to take a short break from our busy lives and do something special with our other half!

As I was looking for ideas for Valentines’ day I came across the following article which I really wanted to share with you.  The beginning of the article really made me laugh.. ..

“…In city where a new restaurant seemingly opens every week, it’s not hard to find a great spot for date night in Seattle. The other part of the equation, deciding what to wear for the occasion, might elude some of the most well-intentioned Seattleites who might cringe at the idea of trading rain boots for dress shoes for a night on the town with their better half…” Read more …Valentines day style tips and ideas from 6 Seattle bloggers

Just enjoy, Celebrate Love and Jewel Yourself!

Pay it back…

A year and a half ago when Porpe Artifacts was created, we found support through our local community. It is our turn, now,  to support and  pay it back.

Our daily mantra “Jewel Yourself” (Read more here) extended and became “Jewel Our Community” . So, this year we have decided to support the Art Community by donating Jewelry from our collections to be auctioned.


1.Artist Trust – Benefit Art Auction

“The Artist Trust Benefit Art Auction is an annual gala fundraiser bringing together artists, community members, collectors, donors, and friends to celebrate Artist Trust’s mission of delivering financial grants and business practice support to individual artists of all disciplines in Washington State.” .. Read more here



Our elegant, minimal Tattoo Roses necklaces was juried and selected for auction at a starting price of $500 USD.

Tattoo Roses Necklace Details: Consists from eleven sterling silver roses that are black rhodium and gold 24K plated bound together with silk cords & waxed cotton cord, thus allowing the necklace to move freely. The clasp has been especially designed as part of the whole design of the necklace.  … Click here for more info


2. Arteast – Benefit Gala 2018

“The Benefit Gala gives us an opportunity to both celebrate and invigorate artEAST. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit with a mission to create a vibrant and enduring visual arts community through creating, teaching, learning, exhibiting, selling, and gathering to support artists and the community. This annual event is about supporting artEAST, our community of artists and friends of the visual arts, and about ensuring we have a place for creativity and culture.” Read more about Arteast here.


Our Elegant Pyramid Necklace and a matching pair of stud earrings will be auctioned at the benefit gala of artEast.

Jewelry Details: The pyramid elements from the earrings and the necklace is made of Sterling Silver with matte finish. The necklace is  combined with dark red cotton cord with adjustable length. A necklace that is perfect for layering!


Jewel Yourself…

“Jewel Yourself”, started when we watched a short video from different women talking about being.. Being kinder to others, Being lost in the moment, Being at peace with the world and with our self, Being kinder to yourself… In our everyday lives we are busy with living instead of being. You know how our minds work, one moment you read something inspiring and you think ” Yes, I should do that”… and the next moment your are lost on your daily activities.

There are lots of ready mantras that we could use but we needed something that will be personal, will work as a sign, and will be easy associated to an object. So, the word “Jewel” came to us. Obviously because we love jewels so much and, because we love the meaning of the word “jewel” which according to the dictionary it is also “a person resembling a jewel in preciousness, brilliance, etc…” ( Then the word “yourself” just paired.

For us the phrase “Jewel Yourself” goes beyond the beautification of the body and includes the beautification of the soul. That is how this little phrase captured our minds and hearts and became our everyday moto: to “Jewel Ourselves”.

We hope that through our “Jewel Yourself” series of articles, videos, books and photos that inspired us,  you will be inspired, too, and “Jewel Yourself” every single day.


With love

from Mina & Vicky



11th Sammamish Arts Fair


How could Porpe miss this year’s fair in Sammamish ? Last year we had a great time, we talked to a lot of people, we made some friends and we promised to be back. Our new designs will be there for you to try them on …

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So if you and your family want to spend some quality art time come around.

Have a look at the program..


About the Sammamish Arts Fair

The Sammamish Arts Fair is an annual Arts Fair, which is now in its 11th year. It has grown in reputation to be one of the most anticipated arts events on the Eastside, and it will feature some of the best jury selected local artists in our area. When Forbes recently ranked Sammamish as the number one friendliest town in America, they made mention of our annual arts fair.

Come and visit with the artists, see their work and learn about their creative process. Inside the City Hall building, the highest quality and variety of fine art will be available for purchase, and will include original works of art such as; paintings, jewelry, mixed media, encaustic art, glass arts, ceramics, printmaking, woodcarving, photography and textile art.  Along with the visual arts, will be musical arts, performance arts and children’s activities for the whole family.  Look for things to see, hear and do in the city hall, the library and the plaza between the two buildings.  Check out the program for more info.

The Arts Fair is a community-wide cultural art experience, which is produced in partnership with the participating Artists and the Sammamish Arts Commission. The artists and community volunteers completely create and run the Arts Fair.

Sponsorship is grateful received from the City of Sammamish, the Sammamish Arts Commission and 4Culture.

Admission is free.

Click here to find out more…

high resolution

SMG Biennial 2017

We are excited to participate in the SMG Biennale at the Washington State Convention Center, South Galleria 2nd floor, 705 Pike St, Seattle, from 4/5/2017 – 6/27/2017.

The Opening Reception is on 4/9, and begins at 3 with a tour of the exhibition led by Peggy Foy, SMG’s President.

The Seattle Metals Guild  is a non-profit organization made up of people with varying interests and involvement in traditional and contemporary jewelry and metal arts.

Find out more on SMG here

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