Inspired by the Pythagorean symbolism of number 7, the heptagon , which is  the 7 sided polygon, that in some people’s eyes, takes the shape of a kite. While in others the shape of a blossom…

A beautiful ring with minimal design to easily match your everyday outfit. It can be worn in the index or ring finger depending on your style and mood!

This artifact belongs to the Kite collection.


Material & Size Details img_3188_1

You can find this ring in Sterling Silver with matte semi-oxidised finish or Gold Plate 24K Brass.

The size of the ring is adjustable.

You can also have them in gold 14K, 18K, ask us for a quote, click here.


$80 USD (Gold Plated 24L Brass – Shop here)

$90 USD (Sterling Silver – Shop here)