Klee asserted that all artworks—even the most abstract—should be inspired by nature.  “Follow the ways of natural creation, the becoming, the functioning of forms,” he taught his students. “Then perhaps starting from nature you will achieve formations of your own, and one day you may even become like nature yourself and start creating.”

This is the motivation for this  extensive study on acorns, leaving the oak tree and returning back to earth. Acorn-shaped elements to remind us that beauty can be anywhere!

An artful, unique and classy ring to match your elegant and unique style. This ring belongs to the Acorn Collection. Each ring presented in this collection is different, unique and one of a kind, as we are!


09Material & Size Details

The ring is made of Sterling Silver in matte and semi oxidized finish. The ring itself is kinetic, i.e. the acorn is moving with the movement of our hand.

The size of the ring can be adjusted.

You can also have them in gold 14K, 18K, ask us for a quote, click here.


$90 USD (Currently out of Stock)