An artifact inspired by the ancient coins found in archaeological excavations.¬† Some of our customers told us that they saw a face reflecting on this. We find it amazing how a form is revealed differently¬†in people, but we guess that this is what art is about…

An artifact to connect us with our legacy and keep us grounded while we pursue our mission in life.

The geometric and minimal style of this ring makes it easy to wear as it could match your everyday style. It looks equally nice in the index finger, too!

A perfect gift for couples, silver for him and gold plated brass for her!

This artifact belongs to the Ancient Coin collection.



There are three different materials to choose from, Sterling Silver in Matte Finish, Gold Plated 24K Brass, or Brass.

You can also have them in gold 14K, 18K, ask us for a quote, click here.


$108 – $120 USD (Shop here)