Along with nature, music is one of our sources of direct inspiration, and may influence almost everything that we do or feel. Our emotions may depend on the music we are listening to. We can feel sad or happy, we can feel inspired or dreamy…

Music can bring sounds and melodies. Combined with words can bring to life, stories. Music can have a style, a personality, it can identify a generation or an epoch. Music can be heard, felt, played, a bit like jewelry.

We connect with the people who love, breath and live in music through this beautiful yet minimal pendant!

This pendant belongs to the Treble Clef collection.


Material & Sizing Detailspen01b

Pendant in Sterling Silver, or Gold Plate 24K Brass. The perimeter of the necklace is:  61cm/ 24 in. You can adjust the height of the pendant by moving the treble clef up & down. Click here to see details on pendant style & sizing.

Would you like this necklace in gold 14K or 18K ?  Let us know and we would love to give you a quote.


$64 – $96 USD  (Shop here)