Spiral is one of the most common and known patterns as it reflects the universal pattern of growth and evolution. Spiral forms can be found in the natural world: plants, minerals, animals, energy patterns, weather and in human physiology.  Life is full of opportunities to evolve. Every time we learn, grow and develop we make changes and progress. It all starts from within.  Artifacts in the spiral collection were inspired by what spiral symbolizes: the change, and the benefits of embracing change to grow and evolve.


Two symbols combined in a beautiful piece of jewel.

This jewel belongs to the Octagon collection.


Material & Size Details speira1ga

The element of the pendant can be either in Sterling Silver or Gold plated 24K Brass.

The perimeter of the pendant is aprx 81 cm, click here to know more about sizing for necklace & pendants.




$110 – $130 USD ( Shop here