Kite, an object with ancient origins, are so popular today in most parts of the world. It is believed that they date back 3,000 years and original came from China. A kite is an object that we typically associate with fun, energy, freedom, independence and youthfulness. We have heard that in Japan and maybe in other countries, too, kites are historically believed to bring good luck or used to give thanks on happy occasions. For us a kite represents bravery, joy and enthusiasm in all aspects of living life to the full. The kite’s bright colors represent the liveliness that every one of us has within – If only we’re willing to let it go!!. While the strings of the kite represent our origins: fly high, fly away but never forget where you came from.

A Jewel for you House or your Office.



Material & Size DetailsĀ 

Aluminum, Printed High Quality Paper, Silk, Stainless Steel and Marble are the materials used to create the kites. The beauty about them is that they have this natural movement when you gently touch them, is like they fly in the sky!

$128 USD (On order)