In Greek mythology Iris  represents the rainbow. She is also the messenger of the gods, besides a goddess of the sea and sky. Iris is depicted in ancient Greece as a beautiful young woman with golden wings.

According to the Greek myth the rainbow was a present of Boreas (North Wind) and Notos (South Wind) to Iris in order to save the Goddess Athina from the anger of Poseidon, the God of the Sea.

The rainbow is the colorful pathway connecting the heaven and earth, between the gods and humanity, our inner self with the outer world.

Having these stories as guidance and inspiration, “Iris” came to life… and now flies off into the skies on her butterfly wings!

A beautiful, elegant, minimal statement pair of earrings for the modern woman!

This artifacts belongs to the Iris Collection.

Material & Size DetailsIMG_3151_1

You can find this artifact in Sterling Silver with mate finish and black cotton cord. The earrings at approximately 4 inches long.

You can also have them in gold plated 24K brass, 14K, 18K, ask us for a quote, click here.


$130 USD (Shop here)