… about Porpe

“Porpe” is the Greek word for buckle and has a long history through the centuries. In Ancient Greece and in Ancient Rome “porpe” was an important jewel of women’s and men’s clothing. Alongside the practical and decorative function “porpe” was also a sign of wealth social status and family situation of the people who wore them. Buckles of different designs have been found in Asia, Africa and Europe.

In the west, belt buckles are sort of a cowboy’s resume, name tag, and family history all put onto a piece of silver plated metal. For a cowboy it is usually a trophy to be worn with pride, and to show others their accomplishments.

“Porpe” an object of great artistic interest has been travelling through the centuries, connecting continents, people and creating stories.

 … about two people’s crossing paths  

…is the founder of Porpe Artifacts, based in Sammamish, WA.  She was born in Athens, Greece. In 1991 she moved to Brighton, UK to study Computer Science as she found the process of programming creative. After 4 years she returned to Greece where she worked in the corporate world for almost 20 years.  However, she always had an interest in arts, history, painting, sculpture, photography. In 2002 Vicky decided to explore her creativity and joined the painting classes of the local art center in Athens where she learned freehand drawing with pencils, charcoal and acrylic colors.  In her 4th year of painting she got interested in ancient Greek jewelry so took  art jewelry making classes, to learn the techniques and the inspiration of the designs of her ancestors. She studied for  9 years until she moved with her family to the Pacific Northwest in 2015.

In 2014, Vicky decided to make a career change and dedicate her time to the two things she loves most: her family and art jewelry, she calls herself a corporate refugee.

“Everything starts from an image or an idea and then a dialogue begins, between the mind, the heart, the hands, the tools, the material, and the techniques. When the creative process is initiated slowing down and observing at each stage is critical. Usually, I combine different materials: brass, silver and gold with wood, cords, threads, silk, enamels, semiprecious stones, colors, and different metalsmith techniques.

My work usually represents or shows details of our beautiful world that we tend to miss, as our minds are occupied with everyday life. Consumerism and plethora of goods drives many people to treat jewels only as accessories. There is an alternative point of view, the artistic one and hopefully, this is the side that my work will emphasize”.



…is Vicky’s best friend and associate. Their love for art brought them together. They met during art jewelry classes in the local art center.  Mina was working as a graphic designer but she always had a love for art jewelry design-making and photography. She comes from a family of traditional metalsmith makers but tradition wasn’t enough to persuade her to follow the same path. It took her some years before she decided to do that.

For more than 12 years,  she was working and running her  own graphic design business while she was taking  art jewelry classes.

“I challenge myself in creating different versions of the same theme. When I  design I don’t prefer the perfect, flawless presentation of the object but the imperfection and the freedom of form.  I combine different materials: silver, gold, brass, silk, enamels, stones, wood, leather, cotton… “

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