Symbols Collection

We love symbols and our passion is to translate them into jewelry. Small sculptures with simple, clear geometric design that can be worn everyday. Each year we add a new symbol to this collection.

The main characteristic of this collection is the minimal forms and the stories behind each symbol. Some of the symbols are: Rainbow-Iris, Engraved Diamond, Kite, Spiral, Ancient Coin, Hearts, Treble Clef, Couple…

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Pyramids Collection

The Inverted Pyramid figures prominently on the concluding pages of Dan Brown’s international best seller “The Da Vinci Code”. This symbol is perceived as a feminine symbol, whereas the pyramid is interpreted as a masculine symbol.

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Tattoo Roses Collection

“If there was only one truth then you could paint 100 versions of the same theme” Picasso said. This is the inspiration behind the collection of the tattoo roses. Every element in this collection is the shape of a rose, each one different and unique.

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