Mother, Mom, Mum, Mama…


“Who was the first mother?”  This is the question that my 3-year-old boy asked me in agony, on a Sunday evening. He was trying to find out how did everything started. In his baby mind he knew, that everyone, everything must have a mother, so who was her? I started looking for suitable stories and the first thing that came up was the Ancient Greek myth about “Gaia”. 

The myth reveals that “The first mother and the first ever Greek God was actually a Goddess, her name was Gaia or Mother Earth. She created herself out of primordial chaos. From her fertile womb all life sprang. Mother Earth is always working to achieve and maintain harmony, wholeness and balance within the environment.  She heals, nurtures, and supports all life in this planet and ultimately all life and health depend on her. In time Mother Earth heals all ills”.

After reading this, different questions popped into my mind: Is mother a title because you give birth? What about the women who act like mothers and sometimes even more? who raise adopted children? who support kids? who inspire kids or who just love kids? On top of all these, as a mother I always wonder if there is a right way to show love, achieve and maintain harmony?

One mother picks up her crying baby and rocks him back and forth; another turns away, leaving the baby to cry himself/herself out. In some cultures, they believe that harmony and balance is achieved by a scheduled routine, and by following the safety rules, while in other cultures this may differ.  In some countries it’s fine to leave your baby out in the cold to have a nap (if it is warm dressed), while in others if it is not sunny enough, kids won’t be allowed to go outside out of fear of catching a cold. Like a babel tower, our cultures similar to our languages are so unlike. As a mother, I couldn’t be able to answer if one way is better than the other, I think no one can.  What I do find right though, is the essence of what the ancient Greek myth reveals: a mother is more than a name or a title. A mother is a source of harmony, wholeness, balance, and healing. Life depends on her because she gives life and most important she gives unconditional love, in her own beautiful way. 

Mother is the precious person in our life who will give you her essence just because she loves you!


Dedicated to all the special persons who raise, support, inspire and love kids every day, unconditionally!


Vicky Zomenou

Porpe Artifacts

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