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Very often we will browse the internet reading about jewelry exhibitions  around the world. It is so nice to read about new artists and designers trying to push the medium they use into other levels. While we were doing that we found an article about an exhibition called “Hidden Curriculum” that takes place during the Munich Jewelry Week:

“…According to history, Jewelry serves as a primary means of conveying cultural values. Traditionally, jewels were seen as sacred and precious; however, from the beginning of the 20th century, jewelry has started to be objectified. Jewelry is a product of non-verbal communication as a result of all human social interactions.

The process, through which a piece of jewelry is created, is totally connected with the cultural and social background of each jewelry artist. From the selection of materials to the final product, it is needed that all different possibilities and perspectives of this act to be explored…”

It is true that jewelry is ..”a non-verbal communication..” and that is why we believe that jewelry is more than an accessory because they reveal something about you when you choose what kind of jewel you will wear.  If you select a handmade jewel try to see beyond the design, ask about the artist and his/her process  and maybe you will discover why you were drawn into it. A jewel conveys the cultural values, experiences and deeper needs of expression of the artist and if you feel connected to a piece of a handmade jewel then there is definitely a deeper connection that also reveals something about you, too.  

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