Pay it back…

A year and a half ago when Porpe Artifacts was created, we found support through our local community. It is our turn, now,  to support and  pay it back.

Our daily mantra “Jewel Yourself” (Read more here) extended and became “Jewel Our Community” . So, this year we have decided to support the Art Community by donating Jewelry from our collections to be auctioned.


1.Artist Trust – Benefit Art Auction

“The Artist Trust Benefit Art Auction is an annual gala fundraiser bringing together artists, community members, collectors, donors, and friends to celebrate Artist Trust’s mission of delivering financial grants and business practice support to individual artists of all disciplines in Washington State.” .. Read more here



Our elegant, minimal Tattoo Roses necklaces was juried and selected for auction at a starting price of $500 USD.

Tattoo Roses Necklace Details: Consists from eleven sterling silver roses that are black rhodium and gold 24K plated bound together with silk cords & waxed cotton cord, thus allowing the necklace to move freely. The clasp has been especially designed as part of the whole design of the necklace.  … Click here for more info


2. Arteast – Benefit Gala 2018

“The Benefit Gala gives us an opportunity to both celebrate and invigorate artEAST. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit with a mission to create a vibrant and enduring visual arts community through creating, teaching, learning, exhibiting, selling, and gathering to support artists and the community. This annual event is about supporting artEAST, our community of artists and friends of the visual arts, and about ensuring we have a place for creativity and culture.” Read more about Arteast here.


Our Elegant Pyramid Necklace and a matching pair of stud earrings will be auctioned at the benefit gala of artEast.

Jewelry Details: The pyramid elements from the earrings and the necklace is made of Sterling Silver with matte finish. The necklace is  combined with dark red cotton cord with adjustable length. A necklace that is perfect for layering!


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