Behind the scenes…

It is always fun when a jewel is ready and needs to be photographed. My models have always been very good friends of mine,  beautiful women  with simple style, great elegance and a great smile. This is, actually,  how they face life with style, elegance and a great smile!

Through the photos we try to show that a jewel is an important addition to our outfit and style. It can transform your whole appearance!   You don’t need a lot of jewelry, you need a few jewelry with a great design that will much your unique style.

During our sessions our goal is not only to have great photos but also to have fun. laugh, and  create a nice atmosphere. We hope that this energy is captured and is shown in our pictures, too.

Our three last photo meetings took place in a lovely coffee place in Redmond called 5 Stones Coffee Company (, a small coffee place that travels us to the central Europe!

I won’t say anything else the following photos speak for themselves!



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