What is the story behind “Porpe”

A lot of people have asked me why I selected the name “Porpe” ? And the truth is that it was very difficult for me to explain. Originally it was a good friend of mine who suggested it and even though there were several names on my list, I intuitively  knew that “porpe” was the one.

One night I started writing about it, trying to express why I had selected “porpe”:

“Porpe” is the greek word for buckle and has a long history through the centuries. In Ancient Greece and in Ancient Rome “porpe” was an important jewel of women’s and men’s clothing. Alongside the practical and decorative function “porpe” was also a sign of wealth social status and family situation of the people who wore them. Different designs have been found in Asia, Africa and Europe.

In the west, belt buckles are sort of a cowboy’s resume, name tag, and family history all put onto a piece of silver plated metal. For a cowboy it is usually a trophy to be worn with pride, and to show others their accomplishments.

“Porpe” an object of great artistic interest has been travelling through the centuries, connecting continents and people and creating stories.




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